Friday, October 23, 2009

New Website!!!

Guess what, folks? I just launched my new website! I did every little ounce of design and coding myself, and I am looking for your feedback... honest critique, please, not just typos. If you hate it, just say so, and tell me what you hate.

Some of the galleries (especially in the world-map area) still need to be updated, and some of the full-screen features aren't working as they should. If you run into any other technical flaws, please holler!

Commercial, Editorial, Portrait, Documentary Photographer... Asheville NC, Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Charleston SC, Atlanta GA...



Cate Scales said...

Hate? What's to hate? You're an amazing photographer, and a joy to work with. Love perusing your work!
- Cate Scales

circle me confused said...

It's great.

Iris&David said...

patrick.. great site.. easy to navigate, the pix load quickly and you can.. and lets face it, that s what its about.. SEE the pictures..

well done

dave burnett