Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Michelle Kvanli...

Meet Michelle Kvanli...
It isn't often that you get to shoot one of your best friends for a national magazine (Canoe & Kayak)... and it isn't often that someone deserves it as much as Michelle does.
Michelle is a professional kayaker and one of the most honest, generous, and genuine people on the planet. Her and her husband, Ben Kvanli (1996 Olympian paddler), run a non-profit kayak instruction school in San Marcos, Texas, Red River Racing and They have introduced thousands of folks to paddling over the years (I have taught many a class with them)... they coach a Jr. Olympic team (awesome kids!!!)... and also run a kayak rehab program for veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
Michelle has spent much of the past year training and competing around the country, and after recovering from successful shoulder surgery has had her best competition year yet. Michelle placed first in the U.S. open division at the NOC, and took 3rd at the team trials in Durango.
I encourage you read more by clicking on the tear-sheet above, or just head over to and learn to paddle with Michelle in the spring fed 72 degree waters of the San Marcos River.

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Rapid" Profit Loss

I've sold this photo a number of times, and each time I sell it I make less and less $$. This time it was to Rapid Magazine out of Canada... they produce a great product for the whitewater paddling community and have purchased a number of images from me in the past. But what has this wonderful economy and dwindling print market brought us? A rapid depreciation in the amount of cash I can make in the editorial market. Not only was it chump change from this 1/2 page image, but it was in Canadian Dollars... which means after converting it to US Dollars and eating the fee associated, I made about enough money for a cheap dinner (sans the bottle of wine) and a matinee movie for me and mi chica... which we are going to blow watching District 9 and eating egg-rolls at PF Chang's tonight!

BTW... The image was taken on the San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas... we've got a new whitewater kayaking park there in that spot, but we didn't even make this list! The irony...

Wanna learn to paddle? See my friends Ben and Michelle Kvanli at in San Marcos, Texas.