Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Angel Cruz...

Meet Angel Cruz...
She is a young lady, early twenties, and has already made a bigger dent in 3rd world malnourishment than most of us will with a lifetime of participation in "...only 30 cents a day..." charities. Angel Cruz spends her days in El Salvador teaching folks how to develop successful community farms.
It was a rainy day, the day we were slated to shoot her portrait. I met Angel at a coffee shop in Burnsville, NC. I had scouted a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm called FireFly Farm; Angel knew the owners and they were gracious enough to allow us to shoot there. I wandered around the grounds looking for an awesome (dry?) place to shoot... what I found was not dry (look closely and you can see the raindrops!). The saving grace of shooting battery-powered small portable strobes (Canon Speedlites), is that they fit inside of ziplock bags. I wrapped my camera in my raincoat, sacrificed my warm dry clothing, asked Angel to stand patiently in the rain, and with 2 kickers and 1 umbrella I had my shot.
Please visit Angel's blog and show your support to a damn cool chica.
Shot for WNC Magazine... read the article here.
No Behind-The-Camera-Timelaps on this one... my G9 was still in the shop awaiting the technician to replace a $200 copper wire... ug.

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