Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steve Jobs Ruined My Website

Yes, it's true, Steve Jobs ruined my website. Every website I've ever had I built myself... from scratch... I learned flash, dreamweaver, html, and designed and built all of it for all of them. My last website was black... I thought it made for a good stage... it helped isolate the pics, kinda like watching a movie in a dark theater. But then Steve went and decided he was going to turn all of his computers nice and shiny with that awful plate of glass smushed onto what was a perfectly good monitor. So my nice black website became a nice mirror... great for removing food from your face, but terrible as a backdrop to my website. But I dealt with it, because I didn't have a choice... Steve didn't listen to me. Then I think adobe must have stolen steve's girlfriend in highschool, because he went and killed flash! Anyonevisiting my website on their iPad or iPhone would get nothing but a blank black screen... thanks, Steve, for making me learn HTML5 now. Booooo.
So I gave up... I folded... I surrendered. I plunked down a nice chunk of change for a template from I chose them because of what they do on the backend... an HTML mirror site for google and whatnot... nice dynamically resizing images that will be as big as your screen... iPad and iPhone compatibility... easy to swap out images. It was still a lot of work customizing the thing, and not quite as user-friendly as it could have been, but overall I am happy. My one gripe is the main example they use to advertise their "templates" isn't even really one of their templates... a professional designer went and coded it to include at least one option that isn't available to the regular joe at the regular price... a bit misleading, in my opinion.
So that is it, up above, my new website. Please check it out at, and let me know what you think.
I've started a new blog too... to match (sorta) my new website... check it out at Fun stuff over there, including an iPhone gallery that will be regularly updated with ridiculous snapshots. This will be it for blogspot, and it for my home-grown websites... sayonara!!!