Friday, October 08, 2010

My First TV Commercial...

This is a pretty exciting week for me... my very first produced-all-by-myself TV commercial is airing! I am shooting a short series (3?) of :30 spots to promote ASAP - the Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project and MTMA - the Mountain Tailgate Market Association. We are highlighting different farms in the area, folks who sell their food at the tailgate markets. The first farmers profiled are the good folks at Flying Cloud Farm. Annie and her kiddo's were fantastic and Isaiah was the force unseen. Galen Kipar of Asheville, a musician who's played many a tailgate market, supplied the awesome tunes.

Shot on a 5D with a crew of me I learned one thing well, the sucker is not easy to use. One day soon Canon will shove their APS-C sized CMOS sensor into an actual video housing, and that day will be a good day.

Please leave feedback... there is nothing better than good old-fashioned constructive criticism.


Jon M said...

That's awesome! I would never have thought that was all done by one person. My only criticism is the the video is a little shaky, but I don't think that it takes away from it and actually think it adds more of an at home feeling which works great for what it's advertising. Good work!

Anonymous said...


Great work. I love the commercial. One of the best local commercials I have seen in a very long time if not all time. You nailed it.
Thanks again for your advise regarding my client! It all worked out great.

Kris Decker

Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Thanks, fellas. Yes, the 5D is a bit funky in the ergonomics-for-video category... I'm working on becoming steadier myself.

2nd one coming next.

Har Rai Khalsa said...

Very cool Patrick. Here is a video for a DIY Slider that I thought you might enjoy: