Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More DIgging... RIDE India

I often find myself late in the night, netflix on one screen and lightroom on the other, digging though old folders of images unseen in months and months... It is a quest to find something that I'd passed over time and again. I don't archive every single picture I take, though I probably should... I can't honestly afford that many duplicate terabytes... but I do save a large and vague selection of picks... vague enough to return to every once in a while and find a small overlooked jewel.

This pic is from India... from a school in a small town who's students are primarily children rescued from child labor camps... they were sold by their parents who couldn't afford to feed them, let alone themselves... the children are released from the labor camps, their mothers given a small community loan to get back on their feet, and both are educated.

Wanna learn more about the school?

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Eric said...

I love finding old pictures that you forgot about.