Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Malik - LivN Nsidout

Have you got your New Years Resolutions set? Wanna loose a few? Gain a few? Get healthy? If you live in the UpState South Carolina region, there isn't a better place to go than LivN-Nsidout. Todd Littleton, the creator of LivN-Nsidout, has just opened up the doors of the best fitness facility I have ever seen... and within its' walls resides a revolutionary place to dine, InErgy. Chefed by one of the most tallented food artists in town, John Malik, InErgy serves healthy all natural foods with origianl flare.

I like what you can accomplish with a couple of Speedlights turned striplights and an infrared transmitter. LivN-Nsidout was still under construction when I shot this for G Magazine, paper sheilding the floors, empty rooms, dust, construction workers in the background... but I found a nice marble countertop in the InErgy restaraunt. It was cloudy outside, but I was able to drag the shutter enough for a high-key look.


Todd Littleton said...

Thanks for the promo! Yes we would love for everyone to come visit LivN Nsidout TODAY and experience the hype! We are open M-F 5am-10pm, Sat 7am-9pm, and Sun 1pm-7pm.

Thanks Patrick, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

update your blog!