Sunday, November 01, 2009

Meet Tom Davis, The Brewmaster... Thomas Creek Brewery

Meet Tom Davis... Tom is the brewmaster of Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, SC. Let me tell you, it's good beer.
I shot Tom for G Magazine, along with a few other artisans whom I'll highlight in the coming days... Tom got the best time lapse, so he goes first.
I don't like going into portrait sessions blind, without having scouted the locations beforehand, but that is happening more and more regularly... sadly, it's mostly a result of the economy, having to maximize my time by cramming more into less... and that is what happened here. It all works out, I just stress about it a little more. One of the primary reasons I've been loving this whole editorial lit-portrait thing is it's challenge: the process of starting out with only an idea, a box full of toys, and my two eyes, and inventing an image from scratch. I love the method of brainstorming and executing an original idea with story as intent... that is what makes location portraiture fun for me.

Patrick Cavan Brown :: Commercial and Editorial Photographer :: Asheville NC, Greenville SC


Morgan said...

I love this portrait. The lighting kicks butt. When are you making a visit to Colorado?

Brian Scannell said...

This is also a favorite of mine.