Saturday, September 05, 2009

Meet Chef Keith Snow...

Meet Chef Keith Snow... An internet video pioneer in the realm of farm-to-table seasonal cooking, Chef Snow lives out in the hills not too far from me. He's got a small farm, a couple of horses, a raised-bed garden on the side of his house, and a kitchen filled with his children's laughter, good food, and a bunch of Arri hot lights (I used my speedlights).

Chef Snow started with a website, and after a few years of being a slave to HTML, he's now gets to live inside Tivos... PBS picked him up for a series starting this fall.

I shot this for the fine folks of WNC Magazine out of Asheville... I'm always grateful when they throw work my way!

It's official... I've been here a year... yee haa!

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Anonymous said...

a whole year and i haven't visited yet. i'm a horrible sister. i just pulled my own hair.