Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello, My Name Is... Gabriel Shaffer

Meet Gabriel Shaffer... Gabriel is a mixed media (mostly paint) artist from Asheville, NC. A cool cat, Gabriel's work had the honor of gracing the WNC Magazine cover last month for a neat feature I shot called "On the Verge", highlighting up-and-coming western North Carolina artists. WNC sponsored a fantastic show with these folks... I've already highlighted one previous "On the Verge" artist here on my blog, with more to come.

Check out the Behind-the-Camera-Timelapse below, and the killer layout that Matt Tierney and the great folks at WNC put together.

Music by My Morning Jacket. Buy their songs!!!


circle me confused said...

...and i work in a button factory.

cari said...

peanut butter puddin surprise....excellent choice my friend

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick,

Thanks again for the effort with the timelapses...

I have a probably abvious question:

Did you shoot the background after you talent shoot? With just main light?


Patrick Cavan Brown said...


Yup... removed the kickers, left the key, and reshot the subject...