Monday, September 22, 2008

Kidnapped in Egypt for Ransom

It wasn't me... I read a story about it on Drudge today. Eleven European tourists kidnapped along with eight Egyptians (their guides) while making an off-road tour of southern Egypt... seemed to be 5 masked men speaking english with an African accent

This is a pic I took a couple of years ago making a similar tour (this is the White Desert). We didn't even consider a kidnap for ransom, and the only thing I feared was rolling over in the Landcruiser while speeding at 100-kmph over the dunes. I had nothing but wonderful experiences with all the folks in Egypt. Some of the wimpy socialist college professors I was traveling with insisted that they were Canadians to avoid conflict, but I, a proud vocal American, was always the one invited to sit and have tea and chat.

To see more Egypt pics, click here.

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